Igman - Bjelasnica

Jun 17 2014

At a distance of only 25 kilometers of Sarajevo you can find the remarkable nature reserve Bjelasnica and Igman mountains, where the major part of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in the Alpine and Nordic disciplines and jumps were held. These two mountains are the most popular ones among mountain hikers and nature lovers. The whole area between Igman to the lower regions of Bjelasnica is covered with dense forest, creating perfect conditions for lush vegetation.

Prokosko lake

Jun 17 2014

Hidden high on the mountain, just below the peak of 2200 meters and located 18 kilometres following the path from Fojnica this wonderful lake is waiting for you. Mountain Vranica is something magical in the natural world. The lake is glacial type and several streams with pure spring water flows into this lake. You will feel the incredible energy; this energy springs from water, air, soil and full of magic environment around the lake.

Protected Landscape Bijambare

Jun 17 2014

Protected Landscape Bijambare is located on the north-eastern slopes of Sarajevo Canton, directly along the main road Sarajevo-Tuzla. The optimum altitude (on average 950 m), thick coniferous forests, meadows, two water flows with lakes and sinks, five caves, rock massif and high quality air provide excellent conditions for trips, hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, caving, skiing, picking mushrooms and herbs.